Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

Get Hooked UP!

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

All in all it's just another brick in the wall

In the battle of primal energy versus societal brainwashing who will win?
I am really rooting for primal energy but, societal brainwashing is a bitch. What is success? Be successful. Be a cog in the great machine so that "it" may be successful.
Stay on task. Do not break formation.

Forsake all others for the hamster wheel. Forsake yourself first and foremost. Crush your dreams. Put them aside. Smash your soul down into a dark fuzzy little hamster and put it on the wheel.

Put on the uncomfortable clothes. Go to the uncomfortable place. Do the uncomfortable task. If you don't you are a failure. Keep doing it until your eyes become beady and you grow a thin tail. You once had magnificent wings. Now you have a thin sad tail. You are a rat. You are in the rat race. It's ok. That's what you are supposed to do. Keep the machine running. Stay on task rat.

Don't try to get off the wheel. Even if you try another will be built. Don't listen to your motherly instincts stay on task. Infants are manipulative. They cry for no reason. Stay on task.  Do work. Make more work to do. Forsake all others.

Wait,stop that. What are you doing? You are picking her up. You broke formation. Lazy rat, you will be punished  saved, amen. You are spoiling nurturing her. Don't do that. We need her nice and deprived like the other rats. Forsake all others, especially yourself.

Fuck that. I am going to go cuddle the baby, kiss my husband, pet the cat, dream a dream. That's what I call staying on task.

What is success?

Can there be a new American dream?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Topless Tuesday

Made you look!

Ok let's play some get to know me (and maybe you if you are brave enough to comment) games.

We will Start easy. If you could have dinner with three people from anytime in history/dead or alive who would they be.

1. Harvey the rabbit (yeah from the movie w/Jimmy Stewart)

2. Mr. Jones (that's my dead cat)

3. William Burroughs (someone has to bring the bug powder)

*if you say jesus, john lennon, or albert einstein you are disqualified

Monday, April 11, 2011

Date Night

The time is somewhere around noon.  It's Saturday. Grandma has phoned and made promises of coming over. Daddy and I are finally going to leave the house together without the baby. The baby is approximately 4 months old.

I'm so excited I immediately start trying to find an outfit I can look half way decent in, that is not my stretched out maternity clothes. The time is around 3pm. I stuff myself in a "shaper"  (see evil undergarment). I then stuff myself into normal pants. Yes I'm still fat at 4 months after baby. This isn't Hollywood.  I put on make up.

The time is 5ish pm. Daddy looks nice. We are getting really hungry. The shaper is eating me alive.

The time is now somewhere around 8pm. It's baby bedtime. I'm putting her to sleep when grandma arrives.
Baby is really tired and gorges herself on milk. I put her to bed. Grandma informs us she only has about an hour to hang out. We choose the closest restaurant we can think of. Who cares we just want to eat a meal together. We just want to eat.

We speed to the restaurant and make quick work of the menu. We order drinks! (cue the harmonious sounds of angels singing).

Daddy's cell phone rings.

"come home the baby won't stop crying, and she projectile vomited!"

"did you try any of the things we told you to try to get her to stop crying?"


We leave. I yell to the waitress that I am sorry we have to leave. I can see the bartender pouring our drinks.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Test Subject Ava cont'd

Whats on Ava's bum...

You will surely think I have gone insane. Night diapering has become insane. Now that she moves around and pisses fifty gallons, I'm dumbfounded. It's messed up because, this is what started my hate for disposables. At around 3 or 4 months I brought her into bed with Daddy and me. I was waking up in a pee puddle every morning. The rest is cloth history.

Now I live with Peezilla.  Last night she devastated a pooters hemp fitted with TWO doublers and drenched her freshly lanolized sloomb soaker. I know that sounds like greek but in cloth land it's like, unheard of. Wool can suck up 30% of its weight in fluid. I could have wrung the muther out. She was surrounded by a lake sized piddle puddle.

{It also dawned on me that the last couple of nights she started getting up for a  bottle.  No doubt because she is starving from the non-stop standing , crawling, commando rolling she does all day.}

I did some research and read some pretty crazy combo's for night diapering. I don't feel so alone now.

Tonight she is wearing a contour with a fleece liner. Over that I have a minky kawaii ( a big fuzzy pocket diaper as a cover)with a bamboo insert(see absorbent layer). She is stuffed and wrapped up tight.  It's a fleece, unbleached thick cotton, bamboo, fleece, polyurethane laminate, minky sandwich wrapped around her bum.

Wish me luck if I wake up cuddling Peezilla and my pajamas are all wet again, I may go stark raving mad.
Make that more stark raving mad. I love Peezilla. I just hate not being able to solve a problem.

*just as in all stories all products have been purchased. I have not been solicited in anyway to do reviews. I'm just giving a play by play as I work through the journey of motherhood