Thursday, April 14, 2011

All in all it's just another brick in the wall

In the battle of primal energy versus societal brainwashing who will win?
I am really rooting for primal energy but, societal brainwashing is a bitch. What is success? Be successful. Be a cog in the great machine so that "it" may be successful.
Stay on task. Do not break formation.

Forsake all others for the hamster wheel. Forsake yourself first and foremost. Crush your dreams. Put them aside. Smash your soul down into a dark fuzzy little hamster and put it on the wheel.

Put on the uncomfortable clothes. Go to the uncomfortable place. Do the uncomfortable task. If you don't you are a failure. Keep doing it until your eyes become beady and you grow a thin tail. You once had magnificent wings. Now you have a thin sad tail. You are a rat. You are in the rat race. It's ok. That's what you are supposed to do. Keep the machine running. Stay on task rat.

Don't try to get off the wheel. Even if you try another will be built. Don't listen to your motherly instincts stay on task. Infants are manipulative. They cry for no reason. Stay on task.  Do work. Make more work to do. Forsake all others.

Wait,stop that. What are you doing? You are picking her up. You broke formation. Lazy rat, you will be punished  saved, amen. You are spoiling nurturing her. Don't do that. We need her nice and deprived like the other rats. Forsake all others, especially yourself.

Fuck that. I am going to go cuddle the baby, kiss my husband, pet the cat, dream a dream. That's what I call staying on task.

What is success?

Can there be a new American dream?