Sunday, April 10, 2011

Test Subject Ava cont'd

Whats on Ava's bum...

You will surely think I have gone insane. Night diapering has become insane. Now that she moves around and pisses fifty gallons, I'm dumbfounded. It's messed up because, this is what started my hate for disposables. At around 3 or 4 months I brought her into bed with Daddy and me. I was waking up in a pee puddle every morning. The rest is cloth history.

Now I live with Peezilla.  Last night she devastated a pooters hemp fitted with TWO doublers and drenched her freshly lanolized sloomb soaker. I know that sounds like greek but in cloth land it's like, unheard of. Wool can suck up 30% of its weight in fluid. I could have wrung the muther out. She was surrounded by a lake sized piddle puddle.

{It also dawned on me that the last couple of nights she started getting up for a  bottle.  No doubt because she is starving from the non-stop standing , crawling, commando rolling she does all day.}

I did some research and read some pretty crazy combo's for night diapering. I don't feel so alone now.

Tonight she is wearing a contour with a fleece liner. Over that I have a minky kawaii ( a big fuzzy pocket diaper as a cover)with a bamboo insert(see absorbent layer). She is stuffed and wrapped up tight.  It's a fleece, unbleached thick cotton, bamboo, fleece, polyurethane laminate, minky sandwich wrapped around her bum.

Wish me luck if I wake up cuddling Peezilla and my pajamas are all wet again, I may go stark raving mad.
Make that more stark raving mad. I love Peezilla. I just hate not being able to solve a problem.

*just as in all stories all products have been purchased. I have not been solicited in anyway to do reviews. I'm just giving a play by play as I work through the journey of motherhood

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