Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Topless Tuesday

Made you look!

Ok let's play some get to know me (and maybe you if you are brave enough to comment) games.

We will Start easy. If you could have dinner with three people from anytime in history/dead or alive who would they be.

1. Harvey the rabbit (yeah from the movie w/Jimmy Stewart)

2. Mr. Jones (that's my dead cat)

3. William Burroughs (someone has to bring the bug powder)

*if you say jesus, john lennon, or albert einstein you are disqualified


  1. 1. My great grandma Jeanette so I can hear her stories and recipes.
    2. George W. Bush, just so I can tell him what a moron he is them shoot him in the foot for good measure.
    3. Johnny Depp, yeah, he's on my list :p

  2. 3.Peter the Great/son of Ivan the Terrible

    2.Plato/student of Socrates

    1.Nikola Tesla/inventor