With the help of this gal I learned making a tutu is a no brain-er. It's actually pretty fun. Ava's going to need a big dress up trunk. Mommy likes making tutu's.

 Even if you don't want to make a tutu I suggest checking out this gal's video. She has the most darling southern accent and perfectly coiffed hair. It's cute.  If you do want to make a tutu, I suggest actually buying the tulle on spools. When you buy it on a spool you can skip the first step of folding and cutting. You can just cut strips, making the process even more simple.

If Ava ever has a brother I'll have to make some "butch" camo or something :)


When I went to cloth diapers it wasn't long before I also went to cloth wipes. It just simplified the routine. I just pop the wipes in the pail with the diapers. The choices for affordable wipes were pretty boring. I know it's just an ass wipe but I need things to be fun. The cute wipes I found were really pretty expensive. They are after all, little squares of cloth.

I decided to try my hand at making wipes. I bought a yard of french terry cloth and a yard of a pretty batik.
I don't have a super fancy machine. I couldn't serge finish the edges. I just did a double layer of zig-zag stitch.

The two yards cost sixteen dollars total and yielded twenty wipes. I made them a generous size. With other wipes I was using at least two. Now I only need to use one unless it's an ass explosion epic mess. They also work great for wiping her face and hands after a meal.

Places to put our bottoms
Daddy took two old ugly stools and through the magic of paint and drills made us two beautiful stools! Now we can sit at our little bar area. Thank you Daddy for being so crafty!

Sock creatures...
Long long ago in a galaxy far far away I stumbled upon a craft book on the clearance rack. It was called stupid sock creatures. It looked fun. I took it home. I've been making my own versions of these cute little creeps ever since. I discovered I had a real knack for soft sculpture and dolls. I also really enjoy making softies. Thank you John Murphy for making that book. 

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