Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Test Subject Ava

What's on Ava's Bum...

As different situations arise in the wonderful world of diapering I have to adjust.  Not all diaper creams are cloth diaper friendly. Not all cloth diaper friendly creams are bad ass enough to knock out a serious diaper rash.

Ava has had one wicked diaper rash. I hated that mother f'er. The sight of ouchies on my girls "area" really pissed me off. I've actually seen worse rashes but, they weren't on MY baby. I took care of a baby boy  whose mother left his diapering to his older siblings. When I removed his diaper his little baby balls were the size of an apple and his entire diaper area was inflamed. I digress, Ava's rash was nothing epic but I still hated it. Since then at the slightest hint of  a rash I just go straight to the big guns.

It's quite easy to protect your cloth diapers from "unfriendly" creams a simple piece of fleece will wick wetness away from the baby and protect the diaper. You can buy fleece liners. I personally just cut rectangles from fleece yardage. I found it way less expensive. Fleece doesn't unravel so you don't even need to finish the edges.

The next weapon in battle rash is breath-ability. You want airflow. So, I try to steer away from her polyurethane lined pockets. If we aren't going anywhere I'll just put her in an old school prefold. I trick it out with a hemp doubler (insert from her hemp dipes) and then the fleece, and then a mighty glob of triple paste.

I leave her cover-less in this combo. The outside of the prefold gets damp and I know it's time to change her. I have never gotten a soaked lap or furniture and this has always squashed the evil rash dead in it's tracks.

Tune in next time for our experiments in night diapering. Baby Godzilla and her epic night leaks have presented quite a challenge for me. 

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