Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stash Hash Installment 4

The dirty shameful world of customs and couture...
goodmama-sassy tink fitted diaper

If you choose to cloth diaper there are many good reasons. It's less expensive. It's better for baby. It's better for the earth. You might just like the aesthetics of cloth vs. disposables. Beware! If you fall down the rabbit hole of customs and couture you are seriously fucked. :)

I was innocently cruising cloth diaper searches one night. I stumbled upon CowPatties Cloth diapers facebook page. 
custom cowpatty diaper-fabric of my choosing

Megs of CowPatties will make you any diaper you want in any fabric combo you want. She has dope fabric in stock or you can send her your own. Shit! She has Hello Kitty and Care Bears and Minky Fabrics to die for.

After I found CowPatties it was all downhill...I found site after site of customs and then the worst of all, high end boutique diapers.

In my opinion the best of the best is goodmama. O M G! That woman has serious good taste in fabric. She is also an evil genius. She tempts and teases with preview photos of what will be stocked in her online store on a certain day at a certain time. She does limited runs. Its a fucking feeding frenzy when she stocks. It's over in a matter of seconds and all of her cute ass little dipes are sold out.

She has a cult following (and she deserves it). The fit of her diaper is amazing. Her fabrics aren't just beautiful they are uber soft on the inside. Just do yourself a favor, don't go there. I'm currently in a self imposed twelve step program.

But, hey you only live once might as well snag up a couple of really cute poop catchers...  I have to go now, time to see what's stocking at goodmama's.

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