Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stash Hash Installment 1

Ava's first cloth diaper

One of the things that attracts me to cloth diapering is the term cloth mama's use for their supply of diapers. It is stash. I like having a stash. It's like having something secret that no one else has. It definitely refers to something fun.

The first diapers to join the stash were five Kawaii pocket diapers. The Kawaii performed beyond my wildest dreams and instead of resorting back to disposables I washed those five diapers repeatedly.  Kawaii pockets are now the backbone of my stash. I have approximately twenty. They never do me wrong. They are also very daddy friendly.They go on just like a disposable only with snaps.

I also ordered two Sun Baby's because I saw a comment from a mommy saying they did not give red marks on her baby's legs.  These are now what I would call my very last resort. One is diapering a toy Elmo. The other may possibly be dissected for curiosity's sake. I do not recommend these. Step away from the Sun Baby's.

*all products were purchased by the author. these opinions are the author's. no company participated by sending any samples.

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