Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Years Resolutions 2011

1 Do a better job recycling

2 Stand up straight

3 Be less hard on myself

I didn't want to do the obvious lose weight. Duh! That's an always kind of thing when you are an American female being assaulted by the media 24/7.

I didn't need to choose quit smoking. It's been years since I had one of those horrible cigarettes.

I had to come up with some manageable goals. I did not want to choose anything so outlandish it could not be achieved. That's no good for the old self esteem. I think we've established that's been on shaky ground.

I already recycle. I don't always wash out containers or properly sort. That's what I'm working on. Washing out food containers and finding out what items I can actually put in the bin. Otherwise it's quite pointless because at the sorting plant they'll just turn your good intentions back into trash.

Stand up straight young lady! After years at an office desk and nine months as a swollen moose at an office desk, I am quite slumped. I am the letter C. When I was a young child my grandmother would smack me across the back with a yardstick when I was slouching. I try to conjure this image whenever possible. Fear is a great motivator. Just ask Saddham Hussein any dictator.

Be less hard on myself. I am so self critical. It's pretty disgusting(end bullying). I wouldn't want anyone I love to be as hard on themselves. This one is difficult. I'm starting with snapshots. When I see a candid shot of myself I cringe in agony. I am trying to look at photos with new eyes. I am trying to see the moment they capture not my flaws. Next, I'll move on to self depreciating inner dialogue. That's going to be a fun one. I'll let you know how it goes. Rather, the voices and I will let you know how it goes.

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