Monday, March 21, 2011

Big Fat Tuesday

We just wanted to go out to breakfast. It was the day after Daddy's 39th birthday and we were still celebrating.
Our favorite spot for breakfast is a Big Easy /French style restaurant across town. We got it together, dressed ourselves, dressed the baby, and packed the baby's traveling things. When we arrived we discovered it was
                                                 FAT FUCKING FRENCHING TUESDAY!

We also discovered our favorite breakfast spot isn't exactly prepared for babies.
They have ONE highchair and TWO tables where you can be seated with said highchair. We wound up in a booth with a seven month old baby.  If you don't have kids just pretend you are starving and have just been seated but you must wrangle a small greased piglet during your entire meal.

                                                         my plate
                                                                                            daddy's plate

He offered to take her over to his side several times. I was too annoyed to accept help. I declined his offers. I got my cocktail down my throat and a few bites of beignets.

Restaurateurs I beg of you, if you are open for day service please think of the babysitter challenged diner. I know we breeders are a lowly bunch but, some of us do enjoy good food.

One more time
                                                                  my plate

What the F is fat tuesday anyhow? I know what it is please don't leave me comments explaining. I'm just saying why do I have to starve so that a bunch of Catholics can clog up my favorite breakfast spot.


  1. Ah, the joys of parenting....

  2. I'm suprised that the restaurant didn't have enough highchairs. Maybe it's a secret message that they don't want families to dine there. Well I guess my money is too secret to share with them.

  3. i'd feel the same if it wasn't the bomb ass food and the finest cocktails...just have to adapt