Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stash Hash Installment 3

And then there was sloomb... 

Wool covers are actually quite old school. They came before plastic pants. I imagine someone's mummy on the Mayflower wrapping there bum in rags and then a bit of wool.

Why? Wool is extremely absorbent.  It will suck up pretty much all the pee wetness you can feed it. It is also highly breathable providing a temperature controlled bum, and has some anti bacterial properties.

When it comes to wool covers (better called a soaker) sloomb is the creme de la creme.  Aesthetically they are  the most attractive. Functionally they are amazing. However, they will set you back a pretty penny. I hesitated because of the price. I stalked their website until they had a "seconds" sale. I then purchased the super lovely carbon colored wool soaker.

I immediately loved the look. I had some trouble getting used to the functionality of wool. You must treat your wool soaker. You have to make them moisture repellent. You do this by putting back the natural lanolin. You give the soaker a little hand wash bath and then soak it in lanolin overnight. After it air dries it is ready for action.

To be successful with wool you have to understand how it works. I was expecting a waterproof quality like with my pocket diapers. Pockets have a layer of polyurethane laminate. Wool is a natural fiber. I know sounds elementary but, I wasn't expecting "damp" covers. I almost gave up on wool. My expectations were set incorrectly. I also did not use enough lanolin when I treated the soaker.

I wrote in the last stash hash about almost selling off the hemp fitteds. The sloomb was also on the chopping block. It was so gorgeous and so soft, I loved it so much. I gave it another chance. On my third time hand washing and treating the soaker I got it right. I also realized it's a SOAKER not a COVER. Wool will absorb the moisture. It traps it. It will feel damp to the touch but it will not allow your furniture or lap to become wet.

Que the Aha moment music here...

Now it is the go to "cover" for nights.  I could buy a thousand of these in all the beautiful colors! Sloomb also makes "longies" which are a pants version of the wool soaker. They are to die for. I'm holding out for next winter and another "seconds" sale for a  pair of those!

You can also upcycle old wool sweaters into covers and longies. I got the pair pictured here on ebay for basically pennies! They work awesome for daytime in cold weather. They are just one seam. If I figure out the method (wink wink) I'm sure you will see it as a post on my Craft page one day...

Once you know how to work with it and what to expect wool rocks!

*all products were purchased by the author. these opinions are the author's. no company participated by sending any samples.


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