Monday, March 28, 2011

Stash Hash Installment 2

 After the Kawaii pocket diapers I purchased three Pooter's hemp fitteds.  These diapers require a cover. They are a workhorse diaper. This means they are super durable, insanely absorbent and  great for overnight. I was not quite ready to invest in wool covers. I bought instead an inexpensive Happy Heinys Stacinator fleece cover.

here is the hemp fitted pre cover
The combination of the two was utilitarian. No frills or cute patterns here. They did however ensure a dry bed upon waking. 

here is a tired baby in a hemp fitted
The Stacinator hemp cover is nothing to write home about. Don't get me wrong it does a great leak proof job. It's just really bulky. It is only good for nights. I would never try to get it under clothing. It does have a kind of comic appeal. Ava looks like she is wearing an animal skin, we call her cave baby.

Even though this combo did such a great job I almost sold off this part of my stash. I liked the products. I just didn't think they were necessary. At the time Ava was 4 months old and pockets were doing an excellent job overnight as well. I wound up offering the stash to a few friends that were either expecting or had babies. No one accepted my offer. I'm really glad now that they didn't. At 7 months pockets aren't handling the overnight pee onslaught.

It's all about fitteds and covers at night now. She thrashes and rolls and pee's like 50 gallons...

Next stash hash I'll wax poetic about the beauty of wool covers.

*all products were purchased by the author. these opinions are the author's. no company participated by sending any samples.

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