Sunday, April 24, 2011

Stash Hash Installment 6

Let's hash covers! They come in all shapes and sizes. In an earlier hash I described wool and all if it's wonderful qualities. To recap, wool is anti-bacterial by nature, absorbent, temperature regulating and totally fetch! 
I did not hold out. I bought The Sloomb longies!!
Fleece covers work on the same principals as wool. They are soaker's not "repelers" (yes I know that is not a word). They also come in super fun combos and shapes. Fleece can be long pants, shorties or soakers. My latest addiction is with MadPie's! They are the cutest made in the USA by a WAHM fleece anything's I have ever seen. Mrs. MadPie lets you totally custom out what you want. You choose all fabric colors, trim, and style.They are beyond functional. I have not even felt dampness through this quality fleece. The construction is flawless.
MadPies! Insanely well made!


We <3 Gen-Y
Then there are the closest relatives to the old school plastic pants, polyurethane laminate covers. Surprise! I have an addiction when it comes to these as well! Gen-Y covers are beyond cute. They use really cute fabric and the fit is awesome. It's not a trim fit. I wouldn't put these on under clothes. You would not want to hide these though. It's T shirts and baby legs all the way with our Gen-Y covers.

I know I promised to hash on Rockin Green this installment. I decided they are so awesome they need a hash all their own. Until we meet again, I'll just be here battling the pee and poo one piece of cloth at a time.

*All products were purchased by the author. These are not solicited reviews. I'm just telling the tale of my cloth journey.


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  5. I also own several pairs of MadPies, its a healthy addiction!!